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  • Clos Princess Bed & Breakfast - two nights two people sharing - £130
  • Clos Princess Bed & Breakfast - two nights two people sharing - £130
  • Freight schedule and Cargo acceptance times 2016/17 Freight Time Table Date:

    Freight schedule and Cargo acceptance times 2016/17

    Freight Tables:

    Sunday 18th September 2016 to  Sunday 30th October 2016 


     Monday 31st October 2016 to Friday 7th April 2017


    Saturday 8th 2017 to Saturday 16th September 2017

    Freight Additional Info:



    Cargo Department opening hours and Cargo acceptance times:

    Our Cargo Department is open Monday to Friday all year round.

    (except  Christmas day and New Years day, there may also be days where the Secure area is closed by Guernsey Harbours).

    Dropping off and collecting cargo:

    Number 6 berth is within the secure area of Guernsey Harbours. In order to gain access to drop off or collect items of cargo

    you will be required to have a gate pass issued  from the Isle of Sark Shipping ticket office situated on the  White Rock.

    Any person collecting or dropping off cargo will also need to have photographic ID available.

    High visibility jackets and hard hats are also required.

    (A limited number  of hard hats and high visibility vests are available at the IOSS ticket office for loan.)

     opening times for the cargo department are shown on the reverse.

    For any items that are not collected within 36 hours  of their arrival IOSS reserves the right to collect any quay  rental charges that may be due.

    Consignment notes:

    ALL  unaccompanied items  shipped  to or from Sark must have an IOSS consignment note filled out and signed prior to shipment.

    (consignment notes can be downloaded from here and are also available in the  offices).

    In the case of any mis-declaration of  the weight or dimensions of any goods or packages

    the shipper/consignee  will be recharged at the correct rate and may be liable to an administration charge.


    All goods must be packaged appropriately for shipment.

    IOSS reserves the right to re-pack goods that it deems unsuitable for shipment and charge accordingly.

    Small items of Cargo carried on the  Passenger vessels:

    We can accommodate small items of cargo on our passenger schedule. 

    (bicycles or mobility scooters cannot normally be carried on the passenger vessels).

    •All shipments are subject to space being available on the sailings.
    •Any individual package or container must not exceed 25 KG  in weight.
    •Maximum dimensions can be no more than  1m x 1m x 1m 
    (items outside of these dimensions such as : piping, fishing rods,   timber, glass  - will only be carried  at the discretion of  IOSS)
    •No hazardous goods can be carried on the passenger vessels (see note below)..

    Hazardous Cargo:

    Certain goods may be classed as “hazardous “ under the IMDG code,

    these include such items as: explosives, flammable materials, or oxidising substances.

    ALL hazardous goods must be declared prior to shipment and NO hazardous materials can be carried on the passenger vessels.


    Unaccompanied livestock and  domestic animals  may be shipped as cargo.

    They must be presented in a suitable container for shipment.

    IOSS reserves the right not to ship the livestock if the sea conditions are deemed

    by the ships Master to be unsuitable for the carriage of animals.

    UK Sark or Sark UK “through shipments”:

    Isle of Sark Shipping can arrange for through shipments of freight between Sark and the UK or the UK and Sark.

    The UK shipment is carried out by a third party  operator whose  terms and conditions  may differ from those of IOSS.

    In all cases a  written quotation  should be obtained through the IOSS Cargo department.

    Insurance and Liability:

    All goods are shipped  under  Isle of Sark Shipping Company Limited  “Standard  Conditions  of Carriage of  Goods”  

    download a copy here or copies are available at the  Isle of Sark Shipping Company ticket offices.

    It is recommended that  third party insurance is obtained for all goods to be shipped.


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